Thriving Beyond | Features Best-Selling Authors, TEDx Speakers, Elite Entrepreneurs, and World-renowned Consultants and Coaches

Vidal Cisneros Jr.'s story has been published in, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible." Vidal Cisneros Jr. hosts, as amazing guests who have worked with celebrities, share empowering stories of personal and business triumphs. Vidal shares experiences, insights, strategies, and resources to thrive beyond life's divine storms. Because thriving beyond life's worst setbacks leads to the greatest life "comeback." Thriving Beyond is built by "Thrivers" for "Thrivers!"
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Thriving Beyond | Features Best-Selling Authors, TEDx Speakers, Elite Entrepreneurs, and World-renowned Consultants and Coaches




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Oct 28, 2016

Meet Calvin Wayman, he owns CobbesMedia and he’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Social Media Examiner, The Huffington Post, and was even named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 30 by He just barely released his first book, which debuted on the

Calvin released his first book,“Fish Out of Water” which debuted on the Amazon top-100 of all books in the Success category.

In Spring 2015, he quit his day-job to pursue his dream of working for himself and went selling door-to-door as a man on a mission. Listen as we share more..

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P.S."Thriving Beyond From Tragedy To Triumph" Book Pre-order Ends Oct. 31, 2016, • • 

Oct 25, 2016

Meet Joel Boggess, he is a contributor to Inc,, and Huffington Post. Joel’s interviewed Jack Canfield on his top-ranked show and his latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon for success, happiness, and in the self-esteem categories. Joel has been featured on television and radio. 

His podcast, ReLaunch, was named by Podcasters’ Paradise as “Best Overall” podcast of 2014 and “Most Inspirational” podcast for 2014 and 2015; and has surpassed the one million listen mark.


“I have to live the life I was born to live.”

“It’s not about comparison it’s about completion into who you are at the cellular level and the deeper level.”

"C +C = D Clarity plus confidence equals direction."

Joel shares tips on how to connect with high-level influencers and book launch tips

Learn more about Joel and full blog post





Oct 24, 2016

Meet Thor Conklin, shares how 911 impacted his personal life. In 2000 he started his entrepreneurial career and created a global Risk Management consulting firm serving the private equity community. His top 15 clients had combined revenue $12.7 Billion USD with operations in over 100 Countries worldwide. Since he's started, bought and sold several multi-million dollar businesses. 

  • Business & Executive Coach
  • Professional Keynote Speaker
  • Host of Peak Performance Podcast
  • Trainer and Facilitator of Peak Performance /Execution Workshops & Seminars
  • Senior Leader for Tony Robbins - 14 Years
  • Father of to two amazing young adults - Chase and Nicole

"Challenges create quantum leaps in our growth."

"Life happens for me and not to me."

With 35 years of knowledge of what works and what does not work, he helps listeners execute consistently & efficiently to reach the next level as Thor shares strategies, tricks, tips and psychology necessary to be a Peak Performer on Peak Performance Podcast. Thor is a Peak Performer extraordinaire, no doubt!

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Learn more about Thor >

Oct 21, 2016

[Solo episode] "The Power Of Our Story" Your message carries your vibe that attracts your tribe. [VIDEO at]

Behind the scene updates, and learn about the exclusive  "Thriving Beyond From Tragedy To Triumph" bonus chapters.

As stress related addictions rise, we can aid addiction recovery, homelessness prevention, and post-traumatic stress awareness by supporting "Thriving Beyond From Tragedy to Triumph" and Halo, Inc, and PTS Faces in the fight against addictions, homelessness, suicide, and post-traumatic stress disorders. 




Oct 11, 2016

Meet Amanda & Nicholas Bayerle,'s list for 2016 as Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 - Creating Life on Their Own Terms.

They've also been featured in Oxygen magazine. Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle, are hosts of a Top-Ranked Podcast on iTunes and they're online health and fitness coaches. 

They have interviewed Drew Canole, James Malinchak, and Alex Charfen to name a few.

Nicholas was a top performer as the youngest bicycle racer at two-years-old then he became the youngest motorcycle rider shortly after.

"Learning how to govern myself is what has created success." 

Nicholas and Amanda’s passions include health, fitness, personal development, entrepreneurship, and faith-based values.

Listen in as we share more.

Learn more about them at their new website below


Oct 5, 2016

Meet Jay Wong, host of The Inner Changemaker, recently named a top 10 Business podcast for 2016 via Podcast Awards at Podcast Movement.

He's interviewed Bob Proctor, Nathan Chan, and as of late Grant Cardone.

Jay interviews high-profile entrepreneurs and world-class creators choosing legacy over currency.

Jay Wong grew up in the U.S. and lives in Toronto Canada. He's a world traveler and has vagabonded Asia, Russia, and Italy.

Topics covered on this episode

  • Intention letter
  • Morning ritual of intermittent fasting
  • Immigrant scarcity mindset
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Win streak app
  • Creating momentum one win at a time.
  • The adversity attitude
  • Own your stuff. (Good, bad, and in-between.)

“Always choose adventure, because you're the hero of your journey.” - Jay Wong

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