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Vidal Cisneros Jr.'s story has been published in, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible." Vidal Cisneros Jr. hosts, as amazing guests who have worked with celebrities, share empowering stories of personal and business triumphs. Vidal shares experiences, insights, strategies, and resources to thrive beyond life's divine storms. Because thriving beyond life's worst setbacks leads to the greatest life "comeback." Thriving Beyond is built by "Thrivers" for "Thrivers!"
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Thriving Beyond | Features Best-Selling Authors, TEDx Speakers, Elite Entrepreneurs, and World-renowned Consultants and Coaches




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Oct 24, 2016

Meet Thor Conklin, shares how 911 impacted his personal life. In 2000 he started his entrepreneurial career and created a global Risk Management consulting firm serving the private equity community. His top 15 clients had combined revenue $12.7 Billion USD with operations in over 100 Countries worldwide. Since he's started, bought and sold several multi-million dollar businesses. 

  • Business & Executive Coach
  • Professional Keynote Speaker
  • Host of Peak Performance Podcast
  • Trainer and Facilitator of Peak Performance /Execution Workshops & Seminars
  • Senior Leader for Tony Robbins - 14 Years
  • Father of to two amazing young adults - Chase and Nicole

"Challenges create quantum leaps in our growth."

"Life happens for me and not to me."

With 35 years of knowledge of what works and what does not work, he helps listeners execute consistently & efficiently to reach the next level as Thor shares strategies, tricks, tips and psychology necessary to be a Peak Performer on Peak Performance Podcast. Thor is a Peak Performer extraordinaire, no doubt!

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Sep 30, 2016

Meet Jake Heilbrunn, he shares his journey of self-discovery backpacking through Central America in his book "Off the beaten Trail" which is endorsed by New York Times Best-Selling author Chris Guillebeau.

At nineteen, he's also been featured in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY.

He's done motivational talks at high schools and is an emerging leader of his generation.

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Sep 23, 2016

Meet Aaron Pierson, podcaster, author, band strategist, filmmaker, and award-winning designer. After overcoming addiction he'd discover a real cause -- a bigger mission and vision!

As his passion ignited a digital branding business that consults businesses globally today.

Listen in as Aaron shares his story and business strategies on hacking productivity and possibility.

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Sep 16, 2016

When Scott was in Guatemala, he noticed that despite how little families had over there, they were happy, smiling and grateful.

When he returned home, he noticed that we often take for granted what we do have, and complain about what we don’t have.

That’s when Scott decided to do something about it and wanted to get the kids in Guatemala involved!

So he partnered with Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that builds schools in developing countries.

The kids that have had a Pencils of Promise School built for them were so grateful to have their new classrooms, that they wanted to do something to give back!

And that’s how "Say It With Gratitude" was born.

So if you want more gratitude and happiness in your life, and have a big impact on others, whether they’re your friends, clients, or family members, then join the gratitude movement today!


Calling all "Thriver's" -- Would you Consider Spreading the word for a good cause?

Go to to join the book launch team as we roll out next week September 21, 2016. 

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Aug 26, 2016

Meet Tanner Gers, Tanner shares his story of perseverance through four brain surgeries after a severe car wreck that gave him more than hope but the courage to keep going when most would give up much less inspire them to graduate college and pursue Olympic dreams and business ventures.

“Why is the wrong question, start asking yourself what?”

Tanner was an All-American kid growing up, excelling in school and sports, but On March 28, 2004, this All-American life should have ended during a tragic auto accident. That day, a tree shot through Tanner’s windshield, causing a traumatic brain injury, fracturing his spinal column, blowing his eye out of the socket, leaving a massive hole in his face and skull, and even with his brain exposed to the air, Tanner miraculously survived. While emergency services wrote Tanner off, he fought over 75 minutes until he made it to the hospital. His situation worsened when 19 days later, he woke up from surgery totally blind.

The biggest tragedy in Tanner’s life wasn’t losing his sight. It was not taking every day by the horns and living life to the fullest like he does today. Since coming out of that life storm, Tanner has graduated from college, started business ventures in food service, sales, health, and fitness, consulting, professional speaking, and has been featured in media outlets such as, CEO Powercast, Superhuman Entrepreneur, and Unstoppable Success Radio. Holding a degree in Business, he consults and speaks for corporate, educational, and organizational clients to improve performance, leadership, health, and bottom line results. Giving back and supporting the community is a high priority for Tanner, which is why he has worked with disabled youth and adults through various organizations such as Easter Seals, the Foundation for Blind Children, US Veterans Affairs, and Wounded Warriors.

While Tanner has been building businesses, he’s also been building himself as an athlete. His athletic achievements  include being the 2011 Para Pan American gold medalist, 2012 US Paralympic trials gold medalist, 2012 Paralympian, and a 2013 World Championship team member in track and field, 2-time National Beep Baseball Association World Series Offensive MVP, and 5-time Offensive All-Star, as well as the 2015 US National Champion in track cycling. 

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Aug 19, 2016

Cherissa Jackson is a retired United States Air Force captain, author, speaker, and a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder "thriver," and her mission is to help other PTSD survivors thrive beyond their challenges through her non-profit organization, "PTS Faces."

“Be at peace, and not in pieces.”

She shares her story and being an actress in the upcoming movie, "A Sense of Purpose, Fighting For Our Lives," is providing continued awareness for the PTSD community.

For more info on Cherissa's book, “At Peace Not In Pieces: Powering Through My Pain” 

Go to, 

(Proceeds to Will go to

Captain Cherissa Jackson is a retired Air Force Nurse with 14 years of nursing experience.  She has served 23 years and survived 4 deployments - 3 to combat hospitals. She is a SHERO United Ambassador and a Hall of Famer for her efforts to help women veterans. Cherissa's passion; to motivate, inspire and encourage; has led her to be an advocate for Post-Traumatic Stress disorder soldiers and their families. 

On Veterans Day in 2015, Ms. Jackson launched PTSFaces, a global platform that brings awareness to the treatment and the treatment options for PTS Veterans. This online one stop shop provides support groups, partnerships, Medical Teams, webinars, survival stories, and other resources to any Veteran looking for support and assistance with coping with PTS. was created from Ms. Jackson’s own experiences as a survivor of PTSD and the stories of other Veterans challenged with their condition. Four tours of duty in some of the worst war zones required Ms. Jackson to compartmentalize her emotions. Re-bandaging charred bodies as she inhaled the smell of burned skin and watching injured soldiers with amputated limbs emerge from helicopters were a part of her daily work. After the bombing in Afghanistan of her building in 2011, which caused her to live in fear for six months, Ms. Jackson ultimately retired. When she returned, she was haunted by the memories from her deployments and suffered from increased anxiety. Soon after, Ms. Jackson was diagnosed with PTSD. With a few months on prescribed medication, continued exercise, and her will to conquer PTSD, Ms. Jackson stands today as a PTS Survivor ready to help her fellow Veterans combat PTSD.

Passionate about helping others and determined to make a difference, helping other war veterans overcome the challenge and the stigma of PTSD has become Cherissa Jackson’s new legacy and mission.  This spring, Ms. Jackson will release her much-anticipated book, At Peace: Powering Through My Pain, where she shares seven powerful principles for coping with PTSD and trauma. 

Ms. Jackson is also is a proud mother of 2 beautiful twin daughters.


Aug 12, 2016

Meet Brittany Brown, Women's Empowerment Leader, Speaker, and International Master Coach and founder of, and creator of the Beating Binge Eating™ Blueprint and the Food Freedom Forever™ After turning her own yo-yo weight loss and gain, binge and emotional eating and severe health complications around, Brittany now leads women to create a life fueled by freedom instead of diets.

After turning her own yo-yo weight loss and gain, binge and emotional eating and severe health complications around, Brittany leads women in creating a life fueled by freedom instead of diets, and weight and food obsession.

As a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Communication and Psychology Graduate, personal development addict, experienced Transformation Specialist and self-proclaimed spirit junkie, her knowledge and methods towards creating a loving relationship with food and one’s body hits the mark.


Brittany has spent 10+ years working with hundreds of women to solidify her life's mission: 


Helping women transform their struggle with their body and food so they are free to share their gifts with the world, step into their full purpose, and be who they are meant to me. 


Episode highlights 

“Everyone needs a coach, we all have a million blind spots.”

“Love did not create this, therefore it is not real.”

“What’s the gift in this?” - Brittany Brown


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Jul 20, 2016

Dale Richardson is a leadership speaker, professional John Maxwell certified coach, and a podcast host of Live the Goals featured on iTunes. Dale shares his tragic story as a car accident almost left him dead but something worse happened.

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Apr 15, 2016

Ted Ryce fought his way free from incredible family trauma with fitness and personal development and now is a speaker, fitness expert, wellness coach and host of the Legendary Life podcast.

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